Printing On Canvas: By an Artist – For Artists

Jeff Olson Hi.  I’m Jeff Olson and I started the Frohardy Art Gallery several years ago by the promptings of a very good friend of mine.  He said that I should start printing my abstract digital art and sell it at shows.  I wasn’t so sure about his confidence so he called over a lovely barista and asked her opinion of my work.  It turned out she was in charge of the art displays at the coffee house we were kicking back at.  She was digging it and hooked me up.  TheIMG_4869_Framed next thing I knew, I had to turn the digital art on my computer into something really cool to hang on her walls.    I decided to print my work on canvas.  In the beginning it cost me a lot of money to make a piece.  The printing costs were killing me.  In fact, I decided to make my own frames to keep the expenses down.  It became clear to me that if I wanted to be a “competitive” artist in Chicago, I needed to find an inexpensive way to get my work on canvas.  To make a long story short, I did the research and was able to get this business up and running.  Now I can make really cool art for a fraction of what it used to cost me.  But what’s most important is that now I can pass the savings on to you, my fellow artists, as well.    See you at the show! – Jeff    Click For –  Upload Files